Giggle: Vape Pen Kit

"Highly Smiley"

Inhale joy. Exhale lol. This vaporizer pen is a giggle break always at your fingertips. Curated with a giddy double bubble flavor and crafted as a sleek, slender pen drenched in gold electro plate, and comes with cartridge + charger.

Only available for purchase at licensed California dispensaries.

Coming soon! Sign up to know when it is available at a dispensary near you.

Product Details

Inside, stainless steel makes your vape experience as clean as it comes. Rechargeable, all-inclusive kit includes everything you need to keep ladies night out happy, social and charged.

Instructions: Ready to smoke out of the box. Draw for 3 seconds, take a deep breath, feel the effects. Repeat as desired.

Active Ingredients: Distilled cannabis extract, botanical terpenes, fractionated coconut oil and natural flavors.

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